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    • jeffi4

      I had no idea that keyboards made you a perfect speller? Blackberry lost touch with the smartphone world in 2008. It listened to the people who said “I must have a physical keyboard or I can’t type on a phone” and didn’t realize that they were only keeping on people who couldn’t adapt. The keyboard prevented them from doing touch early on because 1.) They would have to make their devices huge and 2.) they thought that the touchscreen technology wouldn’t catch on and that people would come crawling back for their keyboards. (If only they knew that the Galaxy Note would be popular regardless of it’s size, then they might have been on to something) Unfortunately for BlackBerry, people adapted because people were developing apps for iOS, and then eventually Android, that people wanted and used. That is why BlackBerry lost market share. It had nothing to do with hardware, only with the fact that BlackBerry wasn’t producing software that people wanted. BBM is a great technology, but as someone else noted, they are making BBM apps for iOS and Android, so why do I need a BlackBerry for this service? Android and iOS now have their own versions of a BBM type service, and BlackBerry copied the FaceTime model in integrating video chat to their BBM service. Also, just because you were the first doesn’t mean we should stick with you. The Commodore 64 was a great computer, but I stopped using it when it no longer met my needs. If BlackBerry no longer meets your needs, then you should move on to something that does. As for emails getting to you faster, emails will come to you faster if you receive your emails from a push server that automatically pushes your email to the device. This can be set up on an iOS or Android device using their built in mail applications. It doesn’t matter if you have a Blackberry, iPhone, or Galaxy s4, if you are using gmail, it doesn’t get to one device faster than the other. It gets there when the gmail server gets it and sends it to your device or app or that device or app calls on the server. So that shouldn’t even be a consideration for BlackBerry being better. It makes no sense because all mobile devices have push server capabilities now. This is not really a comment on whether or not the new BlackBerry device or OS is good or not, I haven’t tried either. It is more a comment on the article and the argument that it makes is stupid. I should know better when coming to buzzfeed to expect something that connects the dots and gives you a real reason that BlackBerry is better. This really just states the preference of the author who doesn’t do a very good job of explaining why something is better, just that it is their preference.

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