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What Kind Of Salesperson Are You?

There are different types of sales people. In this article I will outline the three basic types along with what that will mean to your sales career.

jeffdavis 2 years ago

Transforming Into A Sales Professional

What is the difference? A salesperson sells. They talk to potential clients, give presentations and help those clients make a decision regarding their products. Many times when a deal closes, the salesperson moves on to the next potential client.

jeffdavis 2 years ago

How To Get And Close More Sales

To be an effective salesperson you need to be able to get in front of people, share your product and help people meet their needs by possessing what you have to sell. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you only need to be in front of people who have expressed a prior need. Such thinking can kill your Insurance sales career.

jeffdavis 2 years ago

Prospecting And Sales Appointments Are The Key To Success

It is hard to become a great salesperson with a dependable income stream unless you develop a system to do just that. Fortunately, such a system exists if you get your information and plug it in. Let us see how to use this info and increase our sales;

jeffdavis 2 years ago

Working In Sales Full Time For Free

Salespeople earn more money than most people in other professions. It is not uncommon to find sales people with six figure incomes and if you are in sales or upper management you may see a seven figure income.

jeffdavis 2 years ago

Salesperson Or Sales Manager: Which Career Should You Pick

The sale is a wonderful position. If you choose to be involved in it can decide to become either a salesperson or a sales manager. But how do you decide which position is best for you? Let us look more closely at what each position is and what it takes to be successful in each.

jeffdavis 2 years ago

How To Fail In Sales

If you are looking to begin a career in Insurance sales you have chosen a great profession. But if you start your new career off as many people do there is a great chance you will not only fail but be out of the business within a year.

jeffdavis 2 years ago

Failing In Sales Is An Option

A failure is always an option whenever you endeavor to do something great. No matter what the situation is, you can fail or succeed.

jeffdavis 2 years ago