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What Products Actually Help You Keep Your House Clean?

What do you use to keep your home spit spot?

Cleaning is a real pain sometimes.

The suffering.

It's a nuisance on all of our lives.

And getting in the mood to just get started doesn't really happen very often.

But every once in a blue moon you come across that one product that makes cleaning your home so easy that you wish you had known about it sooner.

Just peel off all the buildup under your gas range instead of scrubbing!

Maybe it's a spray that makes cleaning your tub so deliciously satisfying that you can't keep it to yourself.

Nifty / BuzzFeed / Via

Or maybe it's a power washer that you now refuse to live without.

Everyone has that one cleaning product they bought on a whim and then have been completely obsessed with ever since. What's yours?

Share your favorite thing in the comments below and your suggestion may appear in a BuzzFeed article!