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13 Things You Need At The End Of A Long Day

Step one: pants off.

1. This full body pillow ($49) that makes you feel like you're being cuddled with.

The pillow is designed to support expecting mother's hips, back, neck, and tummy. But that shouldn't stop those who aren't pregnant from getting it! I'm not even pregnant and I want one. And by not even pregnant, I mean it is actually impossible for me to be pregnant. Because I'm a man.

Most promising review: "To summarize, if the Rancor from Star Wars has ripped it's way into your bedroom snarling with levels of ferocity previously thought impossible, throw a snoogle at it and watch the amazing transformation unfold before your eyes. Suddenly, there will be a pregnant wife peacefully sleeping in front of you resembling a sweet napping puppy, tuckered out from a long day of chasing butterflies... For the love of God and all things Holy... BUY THE PILLOW!!!"— Jordan B.

Get it here.

2. This Totoro onesie pajama ($12 to $33) that swaddles your body in comfort.

3. These flat headphones ($40) that you can wear comfortably while sleeping.

Hear me out, these are great if you're into ASMR.

Most promising review: "There are very few products that I can conclusively say have increased the quality of my life. Without a doubt, the sleepphones have totally changed a huge part of my health and well-being. After an entire life of dealing with poor sleep and trying everything possible, this is something that has truly helped me."—jro

Get them here.

4. This shirt ($20) that proudly proclaims what we all know to be true.

I tailor-made this pun for you.

Most promising review: "Best. Shirt. Ever. Love it and material is awesome"—danielle

Get it here. Also available in sweatshirt and plain ol' t-shirt form.

5. These hella comfortable moccasins ($70) that will make your feet cry with joy.

I don't think you'll have any is-shoes with these moccasins.

Most promising review: "Soft, durable even for these wide feet of mine. Can't express how nice they really are except they now have a customer for LIFE!"—dollbaby

Get the women's moccasin here.Get the men's moccasin here.

6. This mechanical white noise machine ($50) that helps you sleep by masking loud environments.

You can adjust the tone and volume of the white noise to your liking by twisting the cap and collar. Drown out those an-noising neighbors!

Most promising review: "I don't know why I didn't buy this sooner. Shooting my neighbors is the only thing that would help me sleep better, but this is legal so perhaps a better choice."— Pollyessster

Get it here.

7. This bamboo tray ($40) that allows you to watch Netflix and take business calls while in the bath.

Can't stand the puns? That's ok, because this is a bath.

(because you sit in baths)

Most promising review:"Extremely stable. Held my 1000 page textbook, iPad plus 12 lb cat without any issues. Lol"— Francesca

Get it here.

8. This aromatherapy diffuser ($38) that will actually add to your room aesthetic.

Don't let this be a mist opportunity.

Most promising review: "Overall, I am extremely happy with this oil diffuser. It really well made and its beautiful. It is very high end. It fits with my decor better than plastic ones."—FamilyandGames

Get it here.

9. This suction cup glass/can holder ($14) for that end of the day shower beer or bath wine.

Don't get stuck using your shampoo tray to hold your beer! But for real. If you haven't experienced a shower beer or bath wine, do that tonight. And then report back here in the comments so that I can read them.

Most promising review: "Saw this on IG and ordered one half as joke, but now that I've put it to use I'm glad I got it. So much better to have something in the shower to actually hold your beer. Haven't tried wine yet, but the fact that it could hold either seems like a good idea. I could really use another one for the shampoo bottle."—Mark Twain

Get it here.

10. This heated plush blanket ($44) to snuggle under on cold nights.

I don't want to make a blanket statement here, but that's exactly what this is.

Most promising review: "This throw met all my expectations and more. It's long enough for me to cover my feet up to my shoulders if I lie straight or I can completely cover myself if I scrunch up a bit. The heating elements heat up quickly and the 3 hour auto off feature is really handy when I go to bed."—Janice

Get it here.

11. This flexible phone mount ($7) for comfortably watching YouTube/Netflix in bed.

12. This shower-proof bluetooth speaker ($17 to $20) to end your silent showers forever.

Shower? I hardly know her!

Most promising review: "I am very pleased with this purchase. For a small chunk of change, you get a clip, a suction cup, waterproof protection, and GREAT volume."—Sara T

Get it here.

13. This mystical shower head ($21) that fixes that water pressure issue you have.

There is nothing more disappointing than a flaccid shower.

Most promising review:"I just installed the shower head. Whereas with the previous shower head, the flow water never reached within 18 inches of the back wall, now it soaks the back wall. (See the photos.) I am finally getting a good shower again!"—Dave Millman

Get it here.