17 Fucking Awesome Things For Your Desk

For example, a FOOT HAMMOCK.

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4. This mini-arm/hand pillow enables you to sleep on the job more comfortably than ever before ($13)!

Just put a pencil in your hand and it will look like you're taking notes. I did that a lot in high school. I was a terrible student.

Get it here.

14. Keep your impressively large stash of food under your desk and away from predators with this tiny refrigerator ($91).

I would like to think that this fridge is pretty cool. Because that is its job. To keep things cool.

Get it here.

15. Comfortably eat at your desk and easily wash away the crumbs, mustard, cheese sauce, and mayo with this washable keyboard ($80)!

Don't mix those condiments together. It's not good.

Get it here.

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