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21 Ingenious Tips To Help You Cook A Perfect Steak

They'll help you avoid those mis-steaks.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

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1. Use a meat tenderizer to soften up and prepare any cut of meat that you have.

Get one from Amazon for $26.

2. Add a woody flavor to any meat you cook on a gas grill with a smoker box.

Get one from Amazon for $17.

3. Utilize a culinary smoking gun to infuse different flavors into your steak.

Get one from Amazon for $72.

4. Get a versatile tong/spatula/fork combo to flip, grab or stab meat in every way possible. / Via, / Via

Get one from Amazon for $12.

If that's sold out, you can also check here.

5. Throw on some dry rub to add layers of flavor.

Get a set from SpiceExpressions on Etsy for $35.

6. Impart just enough salt and trace minerals to add some depth to your dish with a salt block.

Get one from Amazon for $24.

7. Use a cutting board that does double-duty as a reference for standard cuts of beef.

Get one from CakeTopperConnection on Etsy for $45.

8. Get real time guidance on anything you cook with a smart pan. / Via,

Get one from Pantelligent for $129.

Or grab one on Amazon when it becomes available.

9. Use a leave-in thermometer that'll let you know at a glance if a steak is ready to be taken off the grill.

Get one on Amazon for $60.

10. Or if you prefer something more flexible to measure temperatures, these magnetic folding thermometers should do the trick.

Get one from Amazon for $25.

11. Test out a new foolproof marinade to soak your steak in.

Bev Weidner / Via

Check out this post to learn more.

12. Maybe you want your cooking instincts to go beyond using tools, so teach yourself how to ~feel~ done-ness by hand.

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed / Via

This infographic and many more cooking related ones can be found here.

13. Baste the steak in the pan using some beef tallow or other fats.

Facebook: fatworks

Get some from Amazon for $21.

14. Make it impossible to undercook or overcook your steak with a sous-vide circulator.

Get one from Williams Sonoma $249.

Or check out their official store here.

15. Make a herb basting brush to release oils into the crust as it builds.

Faith Durand / Via

Learn to make one of your own here.

Or get a reusable one from Amazon for $19.

16. Use a seasoned cast iron pan for tried and true results.

Macey Foronda

Check out our post on searing the perfect steak on a cast iron pan.

Get one from Amazon for $35.

17. Top your steak with a light and flaky salt.

Enrique ramos / Via

This is some of the highest rated salt I've ever seen. Over 1,000 people actually took time out to review how awesome this salt is.

Get a box from Amazon for $6.

18. Brand your steaks to put that finishing touch of pride on your handiwork.

Get one custom made from Williams-Sonoma for $49.

19. Using a set of quality steak knives will help you not tear or rip through your delicate cuts.

Messermeister / Via Facebook: Messermeister

Get a set from Amazon for $55.

20. Make some delicious infused butter to serve on top.

Ree Drummond / Via

Learn how to make compound butter here.

Or take a look at a butter kit from Amazon for $20.

21. Or just... you know put some of the good shit on it and call it a day.

Get a set from Amazon for $68.

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