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25 Useful Products That Will Help You Get Your Life In Order

Get it together and fix all the small issues in your life.

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This waterproof notepad so you never forget your shower thoughts. / Via

Price: $8

2. These snap-on sunglasses so you'll actually be able to keep from losing them., / Via

Price: $22

3. This terraced jewelry tray to wrangle all your small accessories together.

Price: $30

4. This small 18-in-1 card tool to help you out in a bind!, / Via

Price: $10

5. These magnetic switch plate screws, so you will always know where you put your keys.

Price: $10

6. And this Tile key finder for when you eventually *do* lose your key.

Price: $25

7. This self-watering planter so you won't accidentally starve your plants. / Via

Price: $135

8. This hanging reminder so you won't miss a birthday or anniversary.

Price: $50

9. These zip-up glowing earbuds, so they don't tangle and you can't lose them in the dark. / Via

Price: $20

10. This battery pack around for when you inevitably forget to charge your stuff.

Price: $32

11. This life-changing book for when the clutter in your life gets to be too much.

Price: $10

12. This self-contained lunch bowl, so you'll always have your utensils in one place.

Price: $25

13. This door organizer for when your shoe collection overwhelms you.

Price: $10

14. This tangram travel organizer to keep all your toiletries compact.

Price: $10

15. This all-in-one picnic bag that makes one less thing to forget when you're out wining and dining.

Price: $53

16. This organizer that holds your laptop and straps in all your small accessories.

Price: $40

17. This shower curtain with pockets, so you can keep all your shampoo and scrubbers off those tiny shelves.

Price: $14

18. This over-the-cabinet organizer so your cutting board doesn't have to get crammed into a drawer or oven hole.

Price: $8

19. This handle to keep a...handle on your kitchen towels.

Price: $8

20. This magnetic phone mount to keep your phone from sliding all over hell in the car.

Price: $15

21. This magnetic spice rack to clear up that collection of small jars in your cabinets.

Price: $20

22. This chalkboard monthly planner, so you always have an eye on what's coming up.

Price: $33

23. This insulated tumbler to keep your coffee hot, even when you forget it at your desk.

Price: $14

24. These reusable ties to hold those unnecessarily long cables back from adding to the wire chaos.

Price: $5

25. And this Squatty Potty that will literally help you get your shit together.

Price: $25

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