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13 Ways To Make Your MacBook Your Own

Pimp that MacBook!

1. Adorn your laptop with stickers of your friends' disembodied heads ($9+)!

Get them here.

2. Fix your space hogger of a MacBook charger with the Blockhead ($20).

Pre-order it here.

Check out our coverage on it here.

3. The Black Slider webcam cover keeps your paranoia at bay by blocking your webcam when not in use ($10).

4. The NewerTech Snuglet stops your stupid MagSafe adapter from coming out ($19).

Get it here.

5. This Harry Potter Dementor and Patronus decal reps your fandom ($9).

Accio it here.

6. The Plemo Leather Sleeve bumps up your classy level ($11).

Get it here.

7. The mTower Vertical Laptop Stand minimizes the footprint of your laptop ($47).

Get it here.

8. The iSlice Aluminum MicroSD Storage Adapter elegantly adds storage to your MacBook without adding eyesore ($24).

It fits late 2012 to early 2015 MacBooks. Get it here.

9. The Acme Skinny Sleeve caresses your MacBook on bumpy trips ($39).

Get it here.

10. The Inateck Carrying Case holds your small notebooks and comes with a pouch for your power adapter ($14+).

Get it here.

11. The Lazerwood Cherry Wood Key stickers add that wood texture you didn't know you wanted ($40).

Get it here.

12. This lovely flower decal adds a tranquil touch ($8).

13. The Griffin Technology elevator laptop stand lifts your laptop up and off the desk ($28).

Great for dual screen setups! Get it here.

Find more Macbook accessories here!