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13 Ways To Make Your MacBook Your Own

Pimp that MacBook!

BuzzFeed / Via

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Adorn your laptop with stickers of your friends' disembodied heads ($9+)!

Get them here.

2. Fix your space hogger of a MacBook charger with the Blockhead ($20).

Ten One Design
Ten One Design

Pre-order it here.

Check out our coverage on it here.

3. The Black Slider webcam cover keeps your paranoia at bay by blocking your webcam when not in use ($10).

ProTech Privacy / Amazon

Get it here.

4. The NewerTech Snuglet stops your stupid MagSafe adapter from coming out ($19).

NewerTech / Amazon

Get it here.

5. This Harry Potter Dementor and Patronus decal reps your fandom ($9).

Decalology Designs / Amazon

The stag even glows.

Accio it here.

6. The Plemo Leather Sleeve bumps up your classy level ($11).

Plemo / Amazon

Get it here.

7. The mTower Vertical Laptop Stand minimizes the footprint of your laptop ($47).
Rain Design, Inc. / Amazon

Get it here.

8. The iSlice Aluminum MicroSD Storage Adapter elegantly adds storage to your MacBook without adding eyesore ($24).

8Mobility / Amazon

Goes into your SD slot.

Fits flush with the body.

It fits late 2012 to early 2015 MacBooks. Get it here.

9. The Acme Skinny Sleeve caresses your MacBook on bumpy trips ($39).

Acme Made / Amazon

Get it here.

10. The Inateck Carrying Case holds your small notebooks and comes with a pouch for your power adapter ($14+).

Get it here.

11. The Lazerwood Cherry Wood Key stickers add that wood texture you didn't know you wanted ($40).

Lazerwood / Amazon
Lazerwood / Amazon

Get it here.

12. This lovely flower decal adds a tranquil touch ($8).

Nicole / Amazon / Via

Comes in 11 different styles.

Get it here.

13. The Griffin Technology elevator laptop stand lifts your laptop up and off the desk ($28).

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed
Griffin Technology / Amazon

Great for dual screen setups! Get it here.

Find more Macbook accessories here!