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21 Keyboards That Your Fingers Will Thank You For

I ⌘ you to buy a new keyboard.

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I like to invest in things I use every day.

Things like shoes, headphones, and wallets. I spend a lot of time at my computer — usually seven hours a day. The keyboard is something that everyone uses daily, but not many upgrade from the one that came with their computer. Keyboards are things I think people should invest in more, particularly mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards use special switches in each key that can give you better tactile feedback. They last a lifetime; many of the switches inside mechanical keyboards are rated to endure over 50 million keystrokes. You don't have to be a gamer or a writer to appreciate the tactile feel of mechanical switches. If I'm going to spend seven hours a day in front of a computer, I want the experience be enjoyable.

There are many different types of keyboard switches. And they all suit different tastes.

Do you like a tactile bump when you've pressed a key, or do you prefer a click sound? Are you a gamer and need to do quick double taps? Maybe you just enjoy your laptop keyboard and want to have that experience on your desktop. There's a keyboard for everyone.


4. The Topre Type Heaven ($155)

The key switches on this board are considered by some to be the best. They are electrostatic capacitive switches that are a touch-typist's dream. They are rated to last 50 million keystrokes.


12. The Apple Wireless Keyboard ($50)

If you enjoy the feel of typing on laptop-style keyboards, then the standard Apple keyboard will work well for you. There are a few companies that make accessories just for this board to increase the functionality of it. If you like what you see there, I would recommend looking at my tech minimalist post to find similar things.


14. The Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard ($80)

Rosewill / Amazon

For those who prefer a more practical look, Rosewill makes a keyboard that has limited frills. This particular keyboard uses "brown" key switches, which means they have a tactile "bump" when you depress the key, but not any click. They also offer this board with different types of switches including blue (tactile/clicky), red (not tactile/not clicky), black (harder to depress than red, not tactile/not clicky).

15. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional ($169)

Disclaimer: I personally type on this keyboard at home and have been using it for over a year now. The build quality is great and you get extra functionality without the gaudy lights or show that some other boards have. It comes in either Cherry MX Blue or Brown switches. If you do a lot of typing, blue switches give a tactile bump and click when they are depressed, which many typists enjoy.