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19 Practical Things That'll Make Your Bike Brilliant

They see me rollin'.

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9. Treat your booty to the gold standard of bike saddles with the Brooks B17 ($105 to $150).

Brooks / Amazon

Brooks saddles are considered by many to be the best investments for a cycling enthusiast. Don't cheap out on something you use all the time. Your butt will thank you.

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18. The OnGuard MinPin 2-Piece Locking Skewer Set ($27) reinforces the security of your bike by preventing thieves from unscrewing and stealing your tires.

OnGuard / Amazon

To unscrew them, your bike has to be angled over 90 degrees.

These should not be the only thing you use to help secure your bike. If you get these, you should still be using a U-lock/cable combination to lock your bike up. I recommend the Kryptonite Series 2. Invest in a good lock.

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