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21 Mind-Blowing Products With Hidden Functions

Feel like that spy you've always wanted to be.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This sneaky phone case that will let you take photos with your phone pointed down.

Just in case?

Price: $24 to $50

2. Looks like a regular dictionary, right? WRONG! It's actually a safe.

Bound to keep your stuff safe.

Price: $11

3. Is this guy packin'? Or is it just underwear that you can hide a flask in?

For that brief drink.

Price: $24

4. This screw that really isn't a screw.

So you don't get screwed.

Price: $24

5. This backpack that has a stool built into it.

So you can rest in any sit-uation.

Price: $112

6. This nickel that splits apart to reveal a tiny compartment.

Makes cents.

Price: $25

7. This hair clip that has seven different tools built into it.

To get you out of any hairy situation.

Price: $9

8. This flask with a hidden collapsible shot glass so you can always get the perfect measure.

Worth a shot.

Price: $18

9. This coffee table that rises to the occasion.

Coffee table? I hardly know her!

Price: $98

10. This banana that is actually an umbrella. Surprise?

You might like it a bunch.

Price: $13

11. This cooler that unzips and folds into a small table. Sorry. Low-hanging fruit joke right there.

Price: $29

12. This mitten that is totally not a flask.

You'll be smitten in no time!

Price: $18

13. This brass compass that is also a spinning top.

So you can stay on top of the directions.

Get it from J. L. Lawson & Co. for $95.

14. This purse that is also a wine bag holder.

So flavor up your purse-onality.

Get it from Etsy for $48.

15. This hoodie that has a hidden vape in the pull strings.

Get it before it goes up in smoke!

(Yeah, I know it's not smoke, but's a vape hoodie I can't riff on this.)

Get it from Vaprwear starting at $55.

16. This stick shift that has a screw-off top.

Seems kinda shifty....

Price: $15

17. This chewing gum stick that is actually a lighter.

Gum that appears refreshing but is really enlightening.

Price: $5

18. These cufflinks that are really folding knives.

In case someone makes an off-the-cuff remark about you.

Get them from Cool Material for $60.

19. This soiled underwear that actually hides your valuables.

Seems like not a shitty idea.

Price: $13

20. This bike seat that is also a bike lock.

Good thing the lock is made of steal.

Price: $129

21. This pillow that has a hidden pocket.

So you can rest easy knowing your stuff is safe.

Price: $30

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