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23 Things Every Twitch Streamer Needs

Getting into game streaming is easy. Making it look good, not so much.

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Whether you're a steady Twitch streamer or you're new to the scene, there's always something to improve on.

You don't need thousands of dollars of equipment to stream your gameplay. If you're a heavy gamer, chances are you already have a respectable computer to run broadcasting software (that's the easy part). The hard part is making your stream look and sound good. is a rapidly growing social video platform. With 100 million viewers each month, everyone is looking to become the next big broadcaster.

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As the audience has grown, so has the competition. Viewers have come to expect better production quality as more and more broadcasters flood into the scene.

Live streaming isn't easy and not everyone will be able to make money out of it or gain a huge following of fans. But if you believe that you have the personality for it, increasing the quality of your stream goes a long way to gaining viewership.

This is a good example of a stream layout.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed / DansGaming / Via

It's really easy to to have an affordable setup that works for you and your audience. DansGaming is a popular streamer. His videos are a good example of what a standard stream should look like.


This is my what my home setup looks like.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

Yeah there are a lot of monitors, BUT I NEED THEM ALL I SWEAR!

Most of my equipment was bought over the years, not all at once. You don't need to have something this intense to get started.

The following is a quick and dirty list to get new people up and running, or for established streamers to improve their setup.


Before I get into gear, I should also note that you should have a solid internet connection. You may have a fast download speed, but streaming depends on your upload speed (how much data you can send out, rather than in). The image quality of your stream is largely determined by how much you can upload. Twitch recommends 3 to 3.5 mbps upload. You can check what your bandwidth is by going here. You don't ~need~ to have the full 3 mbps upload, but your stream may experience stuttering or blocky looking video.


Audio is extremely underrated. The commentary on streams is usually why people watch at all. You're gonna need to sound good, otherwise people won't stick around.

Hear that? YOU MUST HAVE GOOD AUDIO. This is an absolute requirement. Don't cheap out. Invest in this equipment. These will get the job done:


5. The Audio-Technica AT2020 ($88) is a great mic if you're looking to get more serious.

Natalia / Amazon / Via

Heads up! If you buy this mic, you're going to need an Audio Interface to power it. The mic won't plug into any laptop or PC you have without one. If you want a more simple setup, they offer a USB version of the AT2020 that is plug and play.

6. The Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface ($150) lets you use your fancier XLR microphones on your PC. (You will need this if you buy the AT2020 above.)

James / Amazon / Via

Audio interfaces give you access to a whole line of more professional microphones. I've been using an interface I bought 9 years ago and it's still kicking.

They are great investments and don't need to be upgraded unless you're looking for more inputs. For most, the Scarlett 2i2 will suit their needs.

7. The Newwer Microphone Scissor Arm Stand ($14) keeps the mic close to your face and off your desk.

Newwer / Amazon

These are super affordable, and if your mic is compatible, there is almost no reason to not own one. It includes an adapter for different mic threading sizes.

8. This Dragonpad pop filter ($6) stops those hard 'p' and 'b' sounds.

This screen softens all of your 'b' and 'p' sounds by dissipating the air before it gets to the mic. This is a really cheap item that will allow you to have a mic closer to your mouth.


Having a webcam to show your face is becoming more of a requirement for streams. Viewers want to see the person behind the voice, and it can add a lot of production value when combined with a green screen. Keep in mind that you don't HAVE to have a webcam, but it is a nice feature.


13. The Fancierstudio Lighting and Green Screen Kit ($115) has got all your bases covered for a green screen, backdrop stand and lighting for a reasonable price.

Fancierstudio / Amazon

If you're just getting into streaming, this is a little overkill. But if you just want to throw $100+ bucks into upgrades, this isn't a bad choice at all.


If you want to stream from a console, you're gonna need one of these.

The selection below should have you covered for any thing you want to stream. From your old NES to the PS4.


17. A cotton green screen ($19) is often the first extra that people look to. Who doesn't want that sweet chroma key?

SunBunz / Amazon / Via

Be aware that if you buy this, you'll need a way to hang it up. A backdrop stand works well for most people. Don't forget that you have good lighting to have your green screen work properly. Seriously.


20. You might need extra long XLR cables ($5).

CBI Cables / Amazon

There are times your mic has to snake around a lot of objects and length get to be an issue. You don't want to put stress on the cable or the input, so cut it some slack!

21. Speaking of cables, Amazon Basics has good, cheap cables that you might need in case your audio interface doesn't fully reach.


The stock cables that came with my audio interface were too short when I first bought it. Getting this allows you to have the flexibility to place your interface within arms reach.

22. USB extension cables ($6) help out when you want your webcam to be placed in an area further away from your setup.


My webcam only has about a 5 foot long cord, and I use a cable management system so that length just doesn't cut it. There will be times where you'll want to move the camera to a different perspective, and sometimes that place is just out of cable reach. There is a micro USB version available as well.


There is no worse feeling than waiting the few days to have the WRONG cables shipped to you. So please, please, please check what cables you'll need before you click that buy button.


23. Getting too much echo in your room? A 12 Pack- Acoustic Panels ($20) will help in making your room sound more full.

You'll need to stick these to the wall somehow. Use something like a spray adhesive will get that job done.

Keep in mind, its not just production value that gets people to stick around. You can buy all these products and still only get 10 viewers. What matters most overall is YOU! You are the reason viewers will stick around and come back for more.

* Build trust.

* Stream what you want, not what everyone else wants.

* Interact with viewers.

* Be consistent with your streaming schedule.

* Be awesome.