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Here's Why Ditching Apple's iPhone Cord Changed My Life

I have no cords to hold me down. Well, just one long one.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

I'm a heavy smartphone user. I stream videos constantly when I'm working as background noise and I fall asleep listening to podcasts. My battery just doesn't cut it when trying to get through the day, even when I'm just at home.

An external battery pack is an option, but it's just another thing I have to remember to charge at the end of the day. And until science develops some fusion battery solution, my fix is just to use a really long-ass charging cable. It's so simple, and it solves tricky plug placements in airports, coffee shops and even my own home.

My favorite? The Anker Powerline ($14).


Lightning Matte Version


Micro USB Nylon Version

Here's why:


Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

I'll admit, this 10-foot cable is far from an elegant solution, but who cares when you never have to worry about power again! This thing can snake all over my desk and still have slack to spare.

Yes, I did tape a power strip to the wall to illustrate a point.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

But it worked, didn't it?

2. Friends will love you.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

Most people don't carry their phone chargers with them. This is where you come in to save the day.

It's a common courtesy to offer guests Wi-Fi and power while they are at your home. You don't want your guests to huddle near the wall outlet or leave their phone in another room to charge! That's just rude.

3. It can reach behind difficult places or get you out of tricky ones.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

The three foot cord that Apple provides is just barely adequate for most uses.

How many times have you looked for a free outlet only to find the last available one is behind the couch, or you have to unplug someone's life support system to open one up? So you have a setup that looks something like this:

4. No "power guilt".

Jeff Barron

Shit gets real when the battery hits 20%. The warning comes up on screen and that's when the sweating starts. People start to close all their apps, put their phone into airplane mode and perform a blood sacrifice.

I never have to experience this, or at least not very often. There are very few moments where it's actually off power. Because my cord is so long. Have I nailed it home yet? That my life has significantly improved because of this one thing? No? Well, keep scrolling.

5. I can roll around in bed (or the floor) and still be charging.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

I don't actually sleep on the floor, but maybe I could comfortably knowing my phone will always be plugged in. This is probably the number one reason I bought one.

Ever have that time where you pull the cord out too far and it unplugs from the wall? Yeah, that's one of my biggest first world pet peeves. I read in bed, and I absolutely demand that I be able to change which side I'm laying on without having to be tethered to be something.

I don't know who designs outlet placements in buildings, but they are seldom where you need them most. A 10-foot cord gives you the flexibility to be plugged in nearly anywhere with the least amount of hassle. SO GET OUT THERE AND CHARGE YOUR PHONE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER CHARGED BEFORE! UPSIDE DOWN AND SUSPENDED FROM THE WALL.

You can buy the Anker Powerline Lightning cable ($14) or the Powerline+ Micro USB cable ($11). If you don't mind the color red and paying a few more bucks, they offer a more rugged version for Apple devices. Powerline+ Lightning cable ($17).

They come in 6-foot versions as well if 10 is just *too* intimidating.

Don't be caught short. Like this guy.

Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

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