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Here's Why Ditching Apple's iPhone Cord Changed My Life

I have no cords to hold me down. Well, just one long one.

My favorite? The Anker Powerline ($14).

Here's why:


Yes, I did tape a power strip to the wall to illustrate a point.

2. Friends will love you.

3. It can reach behind difficult places or get you out of tricky ones.

4. No "power guilt".

5. I can roll around in bed (or the floor) and still be charging.

You can buy the Anker Powerline Lightning cable ($14) or the Powerline+ Micro USB cable ($11). If you don't mind the color red and paying a few more bucks, they offer a more rugged version for Apple devices. Powerline+ Lightning cable ($17).

They come in 6-foot versions as well if 10 is just *too* intimidating.

Don't be caught short. Like this guy.