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31 Gifts For People Who Are Attached To Their Phones

Smart gifts for smartphones.

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3. An LED case that you can program to show animations, texts or incoming calls.


5. These glass screen protectors that are more durable than traditional plastic ones.


9. A 10-foot long cable for your phone, so you can never be not charging.

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It's a long story on why it's a good choice to get one. I wrote a whole thing on it that you can read here. <3

Get the Lightning version on Amazon for $10.

Get the Micro USB version on Amazon for $7.

10. This flash drive that you can plug directly into your phone to transfer pictures and videos.

Free up space by moving all those videos! It only works for devices that are running on Android 3.1 or higher.

Get one on Amazon for $14.

11. A rotating phone mount to take moving time lapses.


19. A mobile printer that can provide you with instant photos that come to life.

LifePrint / Via

It prints 2x3 pictures in under a minute, and uses augmented reality technology to make the photos come to life. See it in action here.

Get one from LifePrint for $130.

Get free shipping with the code BUZZFREE.


27. This magnetic charging adapter to make your phone yank-safe.


31. And this phone case with a maze on the back for when your battery runs out.


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