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27 Things That'll Make Your Dorm Room A Much Better Place

Make the best of that small living space!

1. Use a magnetic cable organizer to keep your plugs from falling allllll the way behind your desk.

2. Put your bed on risers to open up storage underneath.

3. Get a desk lamp that has adjustable color temperature and USB ports on the base.

4. Fill those empty walls with a tapestry.

5. Keep a hand vacuum close by to easily clean up all your messes.

6. Make better use of space with an over-the-door hanger.

7. Keep your books and essentials within arm's reach with a bedside pouch.

8. Or if you basically live in bed, get one that will run the length of it.

9. Add more flair to your room using some copper string lights.

10. Or make it more ~natural~ with pinecone lights.

11. Keep your socks and underwear organized with a honeycomb divider.

12. Clear up your tabletop spaces and keep all your small items in a tuck box.

13. If you're not one to make the bed in the morning, some zip-up bedding will make you one of those people.

14. Cozy up your study nook a little more with some book pillows.

15. Make better use of space by getting a mini fridge that doubles as a whiteboard.

16. Hang up all your memories with a simple clothesline hanger kit.

17. Relax your space with a candle that smells like old books.

18. Set up a privacy tent for your bed so you can nap while your roommate works.

19. Hide away your clothing easily with a closet organizer.

20. Create a bed kingdom within your room with a feathered canopy.

21. Passively light your room and make it more spacious with some classic glow-in-the-dark stars.

22. Get that last look at your outfit before you leave with a full-length mirror.

23. Create a comfier-feeling space with a thick-knit throw carpet.

24. Throw out your old sheets and improve your sleep with pima cotton ones.

25. Use an aromatherapy diffuser to make sure your place always smells fresh.

26. Save your back when you're up studying in bed with a reading pillow.

27. And make working in bed easier with bamboo laptop desk.

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