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25 Amazingly Cool Gadget Gifts You May Want To Keep For Yourself

They may have a fancy phone, but do they have this?

1. A smart scale that will help you bake a recipe perfectly every time.

2. An inconspicuous ring to alert you when you get a text (and notify you when you've walked too far from your phone).

3. A tiny printer that can make your photos come to life.

4. A flexible tablet stand to hold the screen at jussssttt the right angle.

5. Tear-off thumb drives for easy file sharing.

6. An extension cord that's designed to accommodate bulky laptop and phone chargers.

7. A glass screen protector that magically moves functions from the screen’s *top* corners to the *bottom* ones.

8. A plastic welder that fixes or fills anything in seconds.

9. A classy watch that also happens to be a water-resistant fitness tracker.

10. A camera clip that makes bringing your DSLR with you a cinch.

11. An interactive light that's flexible and can be stuffed deep into the recesses of your bag.

12. Honeycomb grip stickers that make your devices look like they're from the future.

13. A Bluetooth controller to make any gamer feel at home on their phone.

14. A leather wallet case to keep your cards angled for easy access.

15. A Bluetooth adapter that transforms your wired headphones into wireless ones.

16. A wireless mouse that has silenced clicks (so you won't wake up your roommate).

17. A connected basketball to track your shots and keeps tabs on how well you play.

18. A smart pen that'll save anything you write to your phone.

19. A silicone diffuser that fits over your phone's flash to give some ~ambient~ lighting.

20. Chromecast (the best bang for your buck for streaming shows to your TV).

21. A stylus pencil designed for artists who want to draw on their iPads.

22. LED glasses that let you set custom animations or messages.

23. A bath air pillow that also holds up your smartphone in the tub.

24. A small wearable clip to notify you of incoming texts (or if you've accidentally left your phone behind).

25. And a solar-powered battery bank for when you need to charge in a pinch.

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