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25 Amazingly Cool Gadget Gifts You May Want To Keep For Yourself

They may have a fancy phone, but do they have this?

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2. An inconspicuous ring to alert you when you get a text (and notify you when you've walked too far from your phone).

3. A tiny printer that can make your photos come to life.

LifePrint / Via

It doesn't use ink cartridges either — that's some sorcery.

Get one from Lifeprint for $129.


7. A glass screen protector that magically moves functions from the screen’s *top* corners to the *bottom* ones.

It's like they gave your phone a back button. Fits the iPhone 6/6s Plus.

Get it from The Grommet for $15.


8. A plastic welder that fixes or fills anything in seconds.

9. A classy watch that also happens to be a water-resistant fitness tracker.


The battery will run for eight months on one set of cell batteries. Compatible with iOS or Android phones.

Get one on Amazon $100.

10. A camera clip that makes bringing your DSLR with you a cinch.

11. An interactive light that's flexible and can be stuffed deep into the recesses of your bag.


12. Honeycomb grip stickers that make your devices look like they're from the future.


20. Chromecast (the best bang for your buck for streaming shows to your TV).

22. LED glasses that let you set custom animations or messages.

23. A bath air pillow that also holds up your smartphone in the tub.


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