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This Game Will Let You Build The Monster Cat Of Your Dreams

No I'm not kitten you. It's fur-real.

Congratulations on living this long! Now you can enjoy the fruits of human ingenuity where we invent card games about experimental cats battling for dominance!

Cat-A-Pillar is a simple party game where your goal is to steal, dismember, and stack together the longest cat.

The game has a real fur-miliar Pokémon vibe to it. The cat you build can be one of three elemental types.

You draw cards and steal limbs from opposing elemental cats to extend and make your cat the longest of them all.

And yes, it's entirely possible to build a fish-dragon-furnace-ice cat.

Cat-A-Pillar can be had for a measly $25. It's still in the Kickstarting phase, and there's less than a week left to reserve your copy! So hop on the long cat train meow!

Check out their Kickstarter page here! 🐱