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They Finally Made A Camera Accessory That's Actually Fucking Cool

Goodbye camera straps, hello new hotness.

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We all love our cameras — but carrying them around kinda sucks. They are big and flail all over hell on their straps when you're walking around.

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Straps get the job done, but they can make your camera swing around when you're moving. And they just get in the way when you take your camera off. Cases are no different. They're bulky and end up being just one more thing to carry around.

We should be able to carry less shit, and maintain the same access to our cameras.


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Are you seeing this shit?! Look how slick this is! LOOK AT IT!

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I could watch these GIFs all damn day.

It's a quick release clip called Capture.

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You can easily attach it to any strap or backpack.

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No fiddling or swinging the camera around your body to get that quick shot. Just unclip, take the shot, and clip it back in.

It works with any camera that has the standard tripod screw on the bottom.

Peak Design
Peak Design


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However if you own a camera lens that is as long as your thigh, I think this is probably your best option. It can hold a lot of weight. 100 to 200 pounds depending on the model (45 to 91 kilograms for those who don't use our superior measurement system).

There probably isn't a scenario where you would need a power saw at a moments notice, but you can rig one to do just that.

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Use it while smiling off into the distance!

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Or while hiking!

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Use it with your power saw!

Maybe if you're trying to stay on the cutting edge?

The only catch is that it's not cheap. You'll be paying about $60 for one.

It is possible to find similar products that are cheaper than the Capture clip. However, keep in mind that you are TRUSTING this clip to hold your $1000+ dollar camera.

There are a lot of things you can cheap out on in life. This is not one of them.

Interested? You can find it here on Amazon or find the manufacturer's site here.

They say the best camera is the one that you carry with you. This just makes it easier.

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