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Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

Hair origami, fondue mugs, and sprouting pencils: How far can *you* get without buying something?

Jenny Chang / Jeff Barron / BuzzFeed

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Welcome to another edition of “Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?”

I am your host, Jeff. The game is simple. Try to make it through this entire post without buying something.

Don’t plan to buy anything? That’s OK! Stay and enjoy my groanworthy jokes! I italicize each pun for maximum cringe.

Come up with a better pun? Post in the comments! I DO READ ALL THE COMMENTS!

Next week I will be handing the reins to another person on the team! I'll still be around, but just every other week from now on! And as always:


1. This teacup you tilt to steep.

For that hot-tea in your life.

Price: $19

2. This knitted knight helmet for winter jousting sessions.

For when you're joust kidding around.

Price: $11

3. This pocket duct tape to be there for all your odd emergencies.

I don't think my enthusiasm for this will ever tape-r off.

Price: $6

4. This simple, easy-to-read magnet that'll clear up all your dishwashing communication.

They must be making a clean profit off of this.

Price: $9

5. These non-skid yoga socks to give you better control when you're on hardwood floors.

Oh man, yoganna hate the puns in the rest of this post.

Price: $13

6. These magnets that will keep all your keys together to stop the jingling.

Get your keys in line and stop the anar-key.

Price: $13

7. These rainbow pencils that leave colorful shavings when you sharpen them.

Each one has to go through quality assurance and pass with flying colors.

Price: $10

8. This fondue mug to dip anything and everything edible into.

Over time, you'll grow fondue of it.

Price: $13

9. This plug adapter for your MacBook that'll stop it from being unplugged for the 10th time today.

Plug adapter?! I hardly know her!

Price: $20

10. These glasses that you just have to deal with.

So you can make a spectacle of yourself.

Price: $19

11. These handmade Pokémon bookmarks that sacrifice their lives to keep your place.

These are the very best bookmarks. The best that ever was.

Price: $20

12. This water dispenser that makes it easy to carry and dispense some sweet, sweet H2O for your dog.

It's $9 now, but the price is pretty fluid.

Price: $9

13. This basket that's designed to sit on your stairs.

If I owned this basket, I would have a wicker-d sense of humor.

Price: $32

14. This 2D bag that is truly 3D.

Taking bags to the next dimension.

Price: $18

15. These pencils that will sprout plants when they become too small to use.

Can't come up with a pun, I'm drawing a blank.

Price: $15

16. These Hairagami ties to magic up your bun.

It's hair-larious that this thing is still around.

Price: $6

17. This cat hook that keeps your accessories and such off the ground.

Available for $10 re-tail.

Price: $10

Well, would you look at that, we're nearly to the comments section. If you're looking for more, there is always last week's edition here!

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