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15 Products Everyone Who Rides A Bike Will Want To Own

Bikes, bells, Battlestar Galactica.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which products every cyclist should own. Here are their 🚲 recommendations:

1. This dog seat so your can bring your pet with you on rides.

2. This crazy-looking bike bell that's super LOUD.

3. This bike lock that will release a chemical deterrent when compromised.

4. A helmet, because it saves lives.

5. These bike shorts for those long marathon rides.

6. This portable speaker that will fit in your bottle cage.

7. This bike attachment so your dog can exercise with you.

8. This tool kit holder that can roll up and fit under your seat.

9. This chamois cream to reduce that ~friction~ on your butt when you're riding.

10. This mount kit to keep your phone in place on your handlebars.

11. This front-mounted seat so you can bike with your kids.

12. This bike basket so you can commute with your pack easier.

13. This bike saddle so you can sit comfortably for hours.

14. A bike pannier to up your carrying capacity.

15. And this bike light and horn combo that's USB rechargeable.

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