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These Fucking Crazy Animated Glasses Express What You Cannot

You don't know why you want these. But you do.

Have you ever just thought to yourself, "Wow, my glasses are boring." Probably not! But with this awesome future we are now living in, you can become that fancy-bespectacled-person you've always wanted to be., chemionglasses / Via

Yes, you're seeing this right—they are animated LED glasses.

The Chemion LED Glasses are here to really up the stakes in your outgoing lifestyle—whether you're at the store, giving a marketing presentation, or just spicing up your daily dog walk.

They pair with your phone so that you can make custom animations, text, and music visualizers.

The app for Android and iOS also have a growing community where you can upload and share your designs.

The glasses have ambient microphones to sync the visualizer to the music you're hearing.

They run off two AAA batteries and last eight hours– long enough to get you through a whole night.

The Chemion glasses will run you $69 for a pair. But you can't put a price on ~this~.

They won't make you Daft Punk, but you can at least start to ~feel~ like them.

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