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Bet On Your Baby Is Amazing

The ABC show "Bet On Your Baby" features parents making predictions how their infant will do performing tasks. It's bananas and worth checking out.

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Bet On Your Baby is my favorite television show that I have ever stumbled upon. The show's set design and modus operandi is similar to many modern American game shows. The host and parent contestant stand on a platform where there is often a button to press (to lock in the answer!) while an audience of other baby betting gambling addicts surrounds them.

Admittedly, I have only watched one segment of this show since discovering it. A parent correctly predicted that their child could score between 5 to 6 goals in 90 seconds in a separate playroom without the presence of their parents. The catch was that the number of goals scored must be within the predicted range or else everyone loses. If the parent made a good prediction, then the child wins money for their college education. I don't want to consider what bleak future these children face if their parents let them down and make a terrible prediction.

I couldn't help but to get a weird vibe from this show. There was something about a studio audience watching closely over a parent who is making a harmless bet on their child for a national viewers to consume that felt off-putting. I think that the show's social media does a great job of capturing snippets that show how bizarre the show actually is.

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