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    Tips For The Best Ways To Package Your Product

    If you’ve started a business than I would suggest that you don’t wait until you’ve gotten your first order before you figure out how to package your product. It might not seem like a process that needs a whole lot of forethought and pro-activity, but I would beg to differ.

    You can wind up wasting a lot of time and money on improper packaging materials and procedures. Thankfully, there are tips to follow that will hopefully allow to maximize your assets.

    There are four rules that should be followed when packaging your product:

    * Keep the cost low (use shipping boxes that fit the product, this way you won't need to use too much filler material, and you won't risk having the product get ruined and needing to start all over again if you chose packaging that was too small or insufficient).

    * Use materials that will properly protect your product. Don't try to cut corners when it comes to protecting your product! You should be doing more than putting products in shipping boxes and calling it good.

    * Make sure that the fully packaged product is attractive! This is, essentially, the first impression a customer gets of your business. Can you afford to spend a little extra on custom designed shipping boxes? Are you at least using neat and clean materials?

    * Be aware of the shipping regulations and make sure you adhere to them so that you can stay in business!

    Here are some other quick tips that you might not think are a big deal but wind up making a big impression on your customers:

    * Advertise your company with a bright logo that will get people wondering "what's in the box". Marketing and advertising doesn't have to stop when a product leaves your doors!

    * Honor the layers, man! Your product should be packaged in a few specific layers. The initial packaging is called consumer packaging, like the box that holds the bar of soap, and that will keep holding the bar of soap until you need to use it. The second layer is distribution packaging, which would be cellophane holding multiple boxed bars of soap together. Then you take all of those and put them in shipping boxes for what is called warehouse packaging.

    * Check out what your competitors are doing and see what you should do the same and what you can do differently.

    * Price compare to find the best supplier so that you can get the most bang for your bucks.