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    Posted on Oct 6, 2015

    This Guy Filmed A Music Video From His Wrist And It's Amazing

    Ya gotta hand it to him.

    Neil Cicierega, the musician and animator behind Potter Puppet Pals and The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, has released a new music video, this time from the perspective of a GoPro on his wrist.

    Neil Cicierega / Youtube

    The video, set to his new song "Aaron", follows Neil as he plays keyboard, Google searches Aaron Carter, and generally messes around in his house.

    Neil Cicierega / Youtube

    Plus a lot of multitasking.

    Neil Cicierega / Youtube

    And some very tasteful Jeff Goldblum worship.

    Neil Cicierega / Youtube

    Check out the full music video for Aaron here:

    View this video on YouTube

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