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The 15 Sexiest Chipotle Bowls Of 2015

Love is eternal, but guac is extra.

1. Yes, this bowl knows he looks good, and yes, he sees you staring.

2. This bowl is just spilling over with love to give. Won't you give him a chance? ;)

3. This bowl's a little corny, but sometimes corn makes the meal.

4. Shy but sexy, this bowl is all about the cat-and-mouse game.

5. Sure, this couple looks pretty pristine, but it won't be long before they're both down and dirty.

6. This eternal optimist is a glass half-full kinda bowl.

7. This bowl's saucier than most, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

8. Check out these two flirts eyeing each other across the table.

9. Beauty really isn't skin deep, huh?

10. This bowl loves a dramatic unveiling.

11. *slow clap*

The girl packed my bowl up at chipotle

12. This total absolute lack of vegetable matter.

Once upon a time my chipotle bowl was perfect .

13. I...I think I'm in love.

This is what a triple-guac burrito bowl looks like, in case you feel like you're ready for the challenge. #chipotle

14. This bowl gave it his all and has no regrets left to shed.

#Chipotle Steak Bowl: The Aftermath 👌

15. And this...uh...this...naw this ain't right, I'm sorry. That's messed up, dude.

“@casetrick16: "One time i went to Chipotle and got a bowl of rice" - @jwermers22” update: did it again