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The 12 Most Common Types Of Dreams

Do you recognize these from your sleep?

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1. You're on a boat. The weather begins to turn stormy. The waves become high and choppy. You're afraid of falling into the sea, and keep losing your balance, stumbling around the deck and reaching for the railings.

3. You're on a boat. You hear footsteps behind you. You turn around to find your crush wearing a captain's hat. Your crush walks over and tells you that your math homework is due.


6. You're on a boat. A Coast Guard ship pulls up alongside and a man with a megaphone claims that you are under arrest. You take control of the boat and race off into international waters.

You and the boat are on the run for many years before settling down with new identities in a South Pacific island, where you raise two kids together and never talk about your fugitive past again.


8. You're on a boat. There are sharks circling in the waters below. You panic and grab a telescope to search for help. While peering into the distance, you notice a shape. You adjust the telescope and see yourself standing on a different boat.

10. You're on a boat. You realize that you have the ability to fly. You and the boat take off into the air, soaring through the sky far above the sea. The boat crushes hundreds of birds.