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22 Dog Best Friends Who Love Each Other A Lot

Warning: Dangerous levels of cuteness ahead.

1. Dog best friends come in all shapes and sizes. They can look like these two sweethearts.

2. Or like this A+ friend comforting his pal on the way to the vet.

3. Sometimes dogs show their love by goofing around.

4. And sometimes they show it by protecting each other, like this pit bull and Chihuahua who were adopted together.

5. Sometimes friendship can just mean nap time.

6. Or good conversation.

7. Or shared curiosity, like these three buds who have no idea what to do with this horseshoe crab.

8. They can love being part of a perfect little family.

9. They can love car rides. And these dogs clearly all LOVE car rides.

10. Sometimes, friendship is about letting someone derp all over you.

11. And other times, it's like, "Oh my gosh, let's take a selfie!!"

12. They can turn their friend into their own personal tent. Why not?

13. Or join forces and become the world's strongest Cuteness Orb.

14. They can take EVEN MORE naps.

15. They can stand around and look pretty.

16. Or give a surprise smooch!

17. Doggie love can be genetic.

18. And sometimes it just happens.

19. From their earliest days...

20. ...until their golden years.

21. No matter how or why they came to be, these doggie best friends love each other a lot.

22. And they wouldn't have it any other way.