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    You'll Never Guess What The "E" In Chuck E. Cheese Stands For

    No, it doesn't stand for Ethan.

    Beloved pizza party mascot Chuck E. Cheese has recently been given a makeover.

    CEC Entertainment Inc.

    Check out those stylish Converse sneakers.

    But while his appearance may have changed, his iconic name remains the same.

    CEC Entertainment Inc.

    Some people mistakenly believe his name to be Chuckie, rather than the more refined Chuck E.


    But few people know WHAT this middle initial "E" stands for.

    Andy Kryza / Thrillist / BuzzFeed

    The answer is greater than anything you could imagine.

    CEC Entertainment, Inc. / BuzzFeed

    That's right. Chuck E. Cheese's full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese.

    MarioFan65 / BuzzFeed / Via

    BuzzFeed confirmed Chuck's middle name with CEC Entertainment, Inc. in an email.

    No wonder he shortens it. That's quite the mouthful.

    oorahaf / Via

    This also means that the company that owns Chuck E. Cheese, CEC Entertainment, Inc., literally stands for Charles Entertainment Cheese Entertainment, Inc.

    So next time you see Chuck, be polite and call him by the name his sweet and probably very confused parents gave him: Charles Entertainment.

    CEC Entertainment, Inc. / BuzzFeed

    'Cause that's just good entertainment.

    CEC Entertainment Inc. / Giphy