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    17 Faces Anyone Who Watches Anime Will Recognize

    Just leave me alone so I can argue about sub versus dub.

    1. When someone says that anime is only for kids.

    FUNimation / Via

    2. When you learn that the next season of your favorite series won't come out for a couple years.


    I'm looking at you, Attack on Titan.

    3. When you make a new friend and find out they also like anime.

    Aniplex of America

    4. And pretty soon you're both like:


    5. While everyone else around you is just like:

    Viz Media

    6. When you're home sick but you're happy because it means you can watch anime all day.


    7. When you called the plot twist fourteen episodes earlier.

    Viz Media

    8. When the couple you've been shipping finally kisses.


    9. And their relationship actually lasts longer than one episode.

    Viz Media

    10. When someone asks if you're one of those "weird anime people."

    Viz Media

    Ha what who me no lol what?

    11. When you need a boost during your morning commute so you listen to your favorite theme song.

    Studio Pierrot

    12. When you hear someone mention anime and you decide to weigh in with your expertise.


    13. When your favorite series ends after one season while others seem to go on forever.

    Viz Media

    14. When you're lulled into a false sense of security and then something happens to your favorite character.


    15. When you spend hours searching for an episode online.

    Viz Media

    16. When you call your friends and ask if anyone wants to come over to watch an episode or twelve.

    Madhouse / WOWOW

    17. But in the end you don't care if no one comes over, because it just means more popcorn for you.

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