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14 Everyday Items That Just Can't Take It Anymore

Household appliances are starting to revolt, and your spam box is just the beginning. Here are 14 more everyday items ready to enlist.

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1. This angry yoga ball that can't even believe you're drinking full calorie soda right now

2. This toaster, who is sick and tired of you and your idiot friends

3. This oven, who is done with your planking bullshit

4. Really everyone in the toaster/oven family...


Even J.Law isn't safe

5. This washing machine, who overheard you gushing about the new high efficiency model next door


6. This mattress, who is done pretending to be something he's not. Done.

7. This vacuum, who has had it up to here with your dirty mouth


8. This frying pan, who refuses to let you take any more credit for those perfect crêpes

9. This bike, who is so over you riding around without shoes or a helmit. Over it.

10. This overworked air mattress, who asked you one too many times to keep this type of behavior limited to the trampoline out back...

11. ...this bed too

12. This pissed off swingset who refuses to be a party to your drunken antics right now

13. This cup, who is tired of apologizing for your appalling table manners

14. And these trash bins, who think it's about time you know that even your ideas are garbage

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