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    10 Things That Make Atlanta The Most Amazing City To Live!

    Atlanta is so much more than Coca-Cola, Waffle House and The Varsity, and here are 10 things that really make Atlanta so amazing.

    1. The Beltline, and other parks.

    2. The food.

    From anything Ford Fry is doing to The General Muir, Empire State South to Miller Union, and delicious Kerala Indian food from Spice to Table, to so many other places all over Atlanta, there is NO shortage of delicious food being cooked up by amazing chefs. Also, there are many new restaurants opening up at two new developments (Krog Street Market and Ponce City Market.) You can live here for five years and barely touch the surface on the good food in this city.

    3. The farmers markets.

    4. The craft beer.

    5. Buford Highway.

    6. The cocktails.

    7. The underground supper clubs.

    8. The people.

    9. The art.

    10. The community spirit.