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    • jderricku

      So much fail overgeneralizing in this thread.  First, decent photos. Well played.
      Second, some of these actively turned me off. Specifically, the fat rolls instead of butt cheeks and downright obesity evident in the knees in one of them that almost made me taste the artificial cheese sliding down my throat in great gobs. The crucifixion makes for great art but less than stellar porn. Yes, it’s cool to see diversity in subjects and/ or marketing. Yes, it’s cool that all these women seem to have a positive self-image and aren’t really beating themselves up about not feeling like doing something beside sit on the couch and eat ice cream. That’s cool. Really. But no, it’s not cool to treat being overweight as normal, healthy, desirable, or universally sexy simply because sedentary lifestyles, lack of care about nutrition or exercise, and self-image empowerment no matter your flaws have become so damned common. Part of it is overcorrection by a society previously obsessed with one ideal, but part of it is a culture of laziness. There’s nothing wrong with an inherent biological attraction to a mate that could outrun a predator without dying of a heart attack in under 90 seconds. There’s also nothing wrong with being attracted to women with hypo-(or hyper-)active thyroids, but it shouldn’t be sold as the norm or the body type encouraged as typically indicative of healthy living.  There is also a difference between doing something like displaying sexy photos of yourself because you feel like you have to and doing it because you want to. Nobody’s self-worth should have to rely upon one facet of themselves, but neither should anyone say that anyone else shouldn’t celebrate a part of themselves because that was all their gender used to be appreciated for. It goes back to the friendzone argument. Men are also valued for things they can’t control on a whim, like their wallets, wit, and looks. You can’t blame someone for not being attracted to you. If it’s that worth it to you to be what 50% of the planet is attracted to instead of 20%, you’ll do it.  At what point do we go, “What if it’s not every other person on the planet but me?” Certainly, we don’t want the one sane person to shut up if the rest of us are crazy, but, shouldn’t we entertain every possibility if we’re going to belittle others for being too skinny (and often healthy!) or too fat?  Think about this. How many sexy man pictures have you consciously sought out because they turned you on as opposed to George Clooney or Brad Pitt? Now who has the body type bias. Next we’ll be clamoring for more diversity in models who don’t feel like brushing their teeth, and it’ll be a faux pas to declare that you’re attracted to good hygiene. How dare you! Teeth come in all shapes and sizes! And so do brains.

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