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    • Jch1984

      You’re only sharing half truths, buzzfeed! Those guns have rubber bullets. These “peaceful protests” turned into a violent night of looting, and destroying small businesses. The last 2 nights we’ve had rumors and threats floating around the st.Louis area saying they’re going to start coming out to the suburbs to make “the rich white people suffer.” We’ve had to close malls early, police have been all over the place trying to prevent more looting and more crimes. It’s getting ridiculous!!! Once the sun goes down, all hell breaks loose.
      This is what I don’t get… A couple weeks back, an innocent grandmother was gunned down and killed. Black on black crime. It’s a daily thing in St.Louis. It’s still an innocent life lost. A little boy was sleeping in his bed, gun shot from a drive by went through his wall and killed him. Again, black on black crime. It’s in and out of the news. Al Sharpton doesn’t show up. The FBI doesn’t investigate. There’s no protests or looting, there’s also NEVER ANY witnesses. Strange. But this (white) officer, who very well could have been defending himself, shoots an 18 year black kid, and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. And originally there were only 16 witnesses, now there are over 200. This is ridiculous. It’s sick. And this insanity has got to stop!!! Why is this life more important than the others that are lost DAILY in the streets of St.Louis??

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