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10 Ways Improvisers Make The Best Lovers

Yes, and me baby one more time!

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1. Spontaneity is the Game

Improvisers KNOW how to be spontaneous on stage - which must mean - they KNOW how to be spontaneous in the bedroom. What better way to spice up your love life then throwing something fresh and unique into the mix? Your improviser lover already has a dozen new ideas roaming around in their incredibly overactive brain. Let’s see we have the relationship, the activity; all we need now is a location.

2. Dirty Talk

Come on now there is no way to argue with this one, quick thinking dialogue is our thing. Improvisers have many hours of practice which ultimately prepared us for the day when we sweep our lovers off their feet with our amazing sweet talk. Yes, and me baby!

3. Know When to Shut Up

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Even though dirty talk is a groovy skill to have (yes I said groovy I still like that word), improvisers also know when to keep the trap shut. Active listening is crucial. Sometimes actions speak louder than words and we know all about getting to the action. Grrr!

6. Be Open to Suggestions

Got an idea? We want to hear it. This is a collaborative effort after all. Everyone needs to participate to make this a spectacular event so speak up mousy we don’t judge and we don’t bite…unless you want us to.

7. Edit Only When Necessary

We are here for you sexy; we are smart enough to know when you need a…hand. We won’t edit unless it’s called for or we have something fabulously fantastic to add to the mix. And don’t worry we’ll start the next scene so relax.

8. Give and Take for Everyone’s Sake

Balancing the delicate act of give and take is what we do to be successful. We know when it’s time to give and we know when it’s time to take. But mostly we like to give, because we have strong objectives and know how to get what we both want out of this little game.

9. Your Partner is the Most Important Person

No one understands this more than improvisers. You are the priority in this scene. It’s all about relationship. We need you! You’re the reason we are here so you are the King or Queen, you wear the crown and we promise to make you look good gorgeous.

10. Exploring and Heightening

We are constantly in DISCOVERY mode. We will be creative in finding what works - commit to that choice - and ride it out (pun intended). But it doesn’t end there! Oh no, next comes HEIGHTENING. We refuse to settle for mediocre when we can push further into something better, and better, and better – OH YES! We won’t stop until we can explore no more; which honestly isn’t possible so prepare yourself for a bumpy night.

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