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SoundCloud Artists To Watch

Searching on SoundCloud for remixes of hit songs is easy. But here are 4 artists to listen to and watch create more.

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DJ Bassel


Bassel has been on SoundCloud for about a year now and has created amazing songs such as Fight (Lucha Libre)



R!ot who has over 2,000 subscribers on SoundCloud has created his own music and taken songs like Animals by Martin Garrix and added in a little something extra to give it an amazing twist


XDelay has over 1000 subscribers to his sound cloud and over 1,000,000 watches on Youtube for his remix of Black Widow by Iggy Azalea above is his remix of counting stars

Caked UP

Well known, Caked UP has done many renditions of different songs from Fancy to Wrecking Ball. With over 600,000 subscribers, 40+ songs, and many originals Caked UP will have something for everyone

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