SPECTRE Trailer Has Everything You Expect From James Bond Film

James Bond SPECTRE first official trailer released Daniel Craig and other cast members with new footage showing thruilling chase and exciting action sq

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After the big press conferences, teasing behind the scenes footages posters SPECTRE first complete official trailer finally hit the internet on Wednesday. The exciting trailer of upcoming Bond flick features everything from explosions to breathing chases, and cheeky lines as it got over 3 millions of views just in few days. It is surely the last time director Sam Mendes is working for 007 franchise and several rumors circulating around that SPECTRE may be the last film starring Daniel Craig as Fleming's Bond that's why the movie makers has updated the game especially when it comes to the action sequences.

This SPECTRE trailer is special due to many good reasons but the best away from the action-packed two and half minute movie clip is the bad guys for sure. The main antagonist Franz Oberhauser finally stepped out from shadow without either being bald or having scar on his face which again speculate Bond fans that either he is going to portray Bond's old nemeses or not. The double time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz also spotted wearing jacket giving homepage to the classic Bond villains throughout the series. Either Franz is Blofeld or not but one thing is sure he has some personal grudge with 007 as he claiming himself of being the author of all James bond pain.

The two and a half minute clip was enough for Bond to show his suits he going to attire in the upcoming movie. We already have seen his Navy three piece suit in the shooting pictures, you can buy Navy Herringbone suit from Bond revealed some more outfits from his wardrobe including his Crombie coats and suits but at least Bond also revealed his ivory dinner suit during her ride in a train with beautiful lady Madeleine Swann

The latest SPECTRE trailers also showed that the new Bond girls are pretty badass, it features both the Italian widow of Mafioso and the daughter of Bond's old rival Mr. White appeared in first two versions of Craig's Bond. The trailer also shows that she know about the fictional terrorist organization, working for them against her will and Bond tries to save her she is the one who can give Bond clue to untangling the web of SPECTRE. Naomi Harris who is playing Moneypenny seconds time made her small appearance where she giving 007 a pep talk saying "So what's going on, James? They say you're finished, I think you're just getting started"

Bond film seems to be incomplete without having a theatrical car chase scene and as we all knows that 007 loved to drive fast and muscular cars that are Q playing by Ben Whishaw introduced Aston Martin DB10 to him saying that it can go at a speed from zero to 60 just in 3.2. The trailer showed glimpse of iconic car chase in Rome where Bond introduced one of his car gadgets flamethrower to destroy his enemy.

Sherlock star Andrew Scott also makes his first appearance in SPECTRE trailer. He is playing the head of MI5 security intelligence named Denbigh but after seeing him battles with the MI6 head Gareth Mallory who recently took this position after the end of Judi Dench endure it seems that he might be connection with the nemeses and brutal organization as he claimed that Bond has crossed him many times but never saw him

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