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You Can't Put A Condom On Your Heart, Idiots!

Dr. Kenneth Ryan wrote a dumb book called "Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads" and then some person sent me a dumb press release about it. So I wrote a dumb song for him. Hope he loves it.

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I got a press release today about Dr. Kenneth Ryan, a relationship expert and author of Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads: How to Find a Quality Guy Without Getting Your Heart Shredded. He included these three tips for dads to tell their daughters:

"4. You can't put a condom on your heart - Contrary to popular opinion, your heart is at just as much risk as your reproductive system. Since you can't put a condom on your heart, safe sex is a myth. A girl's heart is at much greater risk than the guy's.

5. Sex is like Duct Tape - Sex is meant to help one couple bond together permanently for life. Each time it is used outside of marriage, it loses some of its stickiness.

6. Guys say "love" to get sex. Girls give sex to get love. Sorry girls, sex won't buy you genuine love. It is very easy for men to have sex without love or commitment but women violate their own inner voice of sanity and femininity when they have sex without commitment. His self esteem may go up but yours will go down. Perhaps it's not fair but that's how it is."

So I wrote a song about it. I hope he likes it.

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