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100 Years Of Leading Ladies

Actress Julie Brett, transforms into 10 iconic leading ladies of cinema. Choosing one actress for each decade, this project explores one hundred years of changing styles and fame.

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Early 1900's

Julie Brett

Mary Pickford (1892-1979)

Known as "America's Sweetheart" she was the most popular actress of early cinema and played little girls well into her thirties. She was an astute businesswoman, and founder of United Artists and a pioneer in early film industry.


Julie Brett

Clara Bow (1905-1965)

Known as "The It Girl" she perfectly personified the roaring twenties as its major sex symbol. Though most of the lurid tabloid stories about her are untrue, her celebrity love affairs and mentally instability made her an icon in her own time.


Julie Brett

Greta Garbo (1905-1990)

Considered one of the greatest screen stars of all time, her dislike of publicity later lead to a famously reclusive life. Her most famous movie line, "I want to be alone." Perfectly captured her feelings toward her stardom.


Julie Brett

Joan Crawford (1904-1979)

With a career spanning over decades, at her peak she was "Queen of Hollywood" at her lowest she starred in "B" horror films. Her meticulous honing of her screen persona lead to the distinctive eyebrows, makeup and shoulder pads that define her style in the 40's.


Julie Brett

Lucille Ball (1911-1989)

An icon, this pioneering comedian was the first woman to run her own major television studio. She was first a film actress before moving into television with her hit show, "I Love Lucy". She remains an inspiration to comedians and actresses to this day.


Julie Brett

Barbara Streisand (1942)

Beginning her career as a singer, in the 60's she ventured into film and immediately dominated, winning two academy Awards and eventually directing and producing. She remain one of the great cultural icons of entertainment.


Julie Brett

Diane Keaton (1946)

Starting her career in what's considered the one of the greatest films ever made, "The Godfather", she starred in numerous films by director Woody Allen in the 70's, including her most iconic performance as "Annie Hall".


Julie Brett

Sigourney Weaver (1949)

Acquiring the nickname, "The Sci-Fi Queen" she is known for her parts in science-fiction films, being in some of the most recognized films of this genre. Though she did some of her most acclaimed and memorable work in the 80's she continues to impress audiences today.


Julie Brett

Julia Roberts (1967)

One of the highest paid actresses of the 90's after her breakout performance in "Pretty Woman". She is known for her large smile and remains one of the most recognized and successful actresses in the industry.

Early 2000's

Julie Brett

Sandra Bullock (1964)

Though her career spans back to the 80's, her recent Oscar and high grossing films makes her one of the highest paid actresses today. Her good natured and down to earth persona makes her a favorite worldwide.

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