Harry Potter IS Lord Of The Rings

Forget all of this nonsense about how twilight stole all of Harry Potters characters, it seems that J.K had shoplifted them herself to begin with…

1. Wizards

Okay so, in LOTR we have this guy- a shaky old wizard with crazy fireworks, who sets Frodo off on a dangerous quest for the greater good, knowing it may lead to his death

…returning in Harry Potter, and fulfilling essentially the exact same role.

3. Leading Lad

Okay one might be a hobbit, and one a young wizard raised by muggles. Either way, they’re both orphaned, and both start out all squeaky clean

But by the end they’re all like…

7. Why?

Because of a villain who becomes an almost omnipresent embodiment of evil itself…

Much like our friend voldemort over here.

9. Both of our leading gentlemen are weighed down with heavy burdens, which cause them pain and even allow the villains to see into their minds!

11. Where would our leading men be without their failful, reliable, ginger and slightly podgy side-kicks?

13. Or these guys

15. And these guys, too

17. Don’t even get me started on these guys

19. And Finally… Ravenclaw!

20. Hufflepuff!

21. Slytherin!


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