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How The Pokemon Go App Is Saving My Relationship

The Pokemon Go app is saving my relationship, and it can save yours. Here are 8 ways the Pokemon Go app is saving my relationship with my boyfriend.

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1. We have a shared hobby other than Netflix.

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2. I'm as outdoorsy as I pretended to be in my dating profile.

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3. And now I find his game obsession sexy instead of annoying.

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4. I'm getting in shape. We're looking good for each other again.

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But we're too busy hunting Pokemons to have sex, so...

5. We've started interacting with other couples.

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6. We want the same things out of life. (Not marriage—Level 5.)

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7. We can finally decide where to eat. Because of Pokestop locations.

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8. Like, I just really feel like we're on a team again.

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