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20 Things People Who Don't Work In An Office Can't Understand

Uh yeah.....

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1. When someone heats up fish in the microwave.

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2. The Hell that is being in a Reply All vortex.

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You can never get out.

3. Having to work with the asshole who exceeded the $10 limit on the White Elephant Exchange.

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Does your dick feel bigger? Good, now go fuck yourself.

4. And the other asshole who likes to repeat everything said in confidence at happy hour.

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5. And finally this gassy asshole.

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Please adopt the Marshall Ethic of Courtesy and excuse yourself. (See below)

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6. The pain that is team bonding.

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7. Explaining at least five different times that your weekend was "fine." Because it's always "fine", and will never be anything other than "fine."

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I will never have new material, coworkers.

8. The massive effort it takes to "oohh" and "aw" at someone's baby pictures.

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9. Finding out the 9am meeting is a (give me a second) a standing meeting.

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10. Getting tagged in stupid office photo opps.

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11. Knowing someone not by face, but by their insufferable cackle.


12. The printer.

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13. When someone schedules a meeting during lunch hours.

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14. Working with the person who obnoxiously labels their food. WE GET IT, MARCO.

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15. Working with the person who takes up prime real estate in the office fridge.

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16. Working with the person who eats your food anyway, because fuck it.

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17. This feeling.

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18. This one too.

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19. Having to be someone's Work Instagram Husband or Wife. I don't want to take pictures of you with the "Sorry" flowers your cheating boyfriend sent.

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20. The passive aggression in emails.

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May we all keep fighting the good fight. Until retirement, and then fuck you all.

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