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    • jazmineg2

      When it comes to songs like this, the song writer has someone is mind typically. Those lyrics are in reference to their own relationship most likely. Since that’s the case, I don’t think it’s a “man looking to validate a woman’s beauty”. JTWYA is a song I listen to when I’m down and kinda dedicate to myself.  Both You and I & JTWYA talk about imperfections and insecurities Why? Well, we all have them. I think it’s nice to hear people realize we have them. It’s as if the songs say that “I see you have imperfections and insecurities, and it stinks that those make you feel down. Yet, the fact that you deal with those things and still look lovely(inside and out) is amazing and should be recognized.” I don’t think songs like this should be seen as “I man calling you woman beautiful. Now feel validated.” Instead as what I wrote above. I also think that there is a difference between validation and encouragement(for a lack of a better term). Honestly, we all need someone(male, female, or any other gender or non gender) who helps us realize what positives there are in us instead of focusing on things that makes us feel sad. I think these songs help us express our thoughts better than we try. Big deal if a man wrote it, and if it’s geared towards his wife/girlfriend/anyone else. The beauty in songs is that it can be dedicated to anyone and bring out different feelings. Then again, this is purely my interpretation of two great songs.

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