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Five Things I Won't Miss About The G Train

I'm moving on and out to another neighborhood with no evil wicked witch train.

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1. That feeling of dread when you start to desend down the stairs and you see a crowd of people leaving the station

You know that a train just came and left and now you have to wait for like, eternity.

2. But wait! You get to the train and it's still at the platform!

...but then you have to sprint halfway down just to reach the last car, and the conductor sees you, and he leaves anyway.

5. And if you are lucky enough to catch a train, you'll probably get stuck in The Tunnel of Death

Otherwise known as whatevers between Greenpoint Avenue and 21st Street.

What goes on there?

Why does the train always randomly stop in that tunnel?

And how is it possible that there's SO MUCH train traffic on a line that literally comes maybe once every 20 minutes??

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