This Is Where Disney Princesses Would Buy Their Clothes

Hint: Not at the Disney Store.

1. Princess Anna*

A woman’s best-kept fashion secret would be Princess Anna’s favorite place to shop. She’s a young and empowered woman who could care less about what the fashion elite think. Plus, while she’s shopping for clothes she can pick up carrots for Kristoff and Sven.

2. Princess Ariel

Victoria’s Secret
The Queen Bee from under the sea would shop for her latest threads in one place, and one place only… Victoria’s Secret! This Princess spent most of her life wearing shells on her boobs, so she doesn’t plan on covering up too much now. Her dad might not be a fan, but when has she ever cared what he thought?

3. Princess Aurora

American Eagle
This sleeping heiress is a classic beauty and wears only the fiercest in girly Americana, boho-chic. And there’s no better place out there for that right now than American Eagle. Let’s just hope she’ll stay awake long enough to enjoy her gaggles of admirers.

4. Princess Belle

Banana Republic
Refined is the name of the game when it comes to Princess Belle’s wardrobe, making Banana Republic the ideal spot for this headstrong bookworm to keep her fashion on-point. Her high powered looks keep the judgmental townspeople on hush mode, because they know they can’t crack her look.

5. Princess Cinderella

She started from the bottom now she’s here. The days of old rags and hand-me-downs are over. As royalty she can skip the wishes to Fairy Godmother, and take out her American Express Gold Card for high fashion splurges. Let’s not forget that this girl seriously wore glass slippers. It doesn’t get more diva than that.

6. Princess Elsa**

J. Crew
When Princess Elsa isn’t donning herself in the latest ice fashions, she’s busy shopping at J. Crew. The timeless looks, and company’s openness to things that are imperfect and different make this an obvious choice for the extraordinary ice queen.

7. Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine is an environmentally and socially conscious shopper. Her go-to website is ASOS, because they’re approved by the Humane Society (so Rajah won’t have to give her the side eye), and because they are a global fashion retailer. She could probably just use the magic carpet to visit other countries, and buy clothes there herself, but using ASOS is much easier.

8. Princess Merida

Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal is the quintessential online store for the girl that stands out from the crowd, and breaks all the rules. Unfortunately, rebel Princess Merida has to order her clothes early, because shipping to Scotland takes around 2 - 4 weeks. Ouch!

9. Princess Mulan

It’s probably no surprise that Princess Mulan would opt for sportswear over formal wear. Her breathable, comfortable, sweat-resistant gear helps her stay in tip top shape in the event that anyone decides to invade China again. More importantly, she needs to stay fit so she can keep schooling the boys around her.

10. Princess Pocahontas

Plato’s Closet
This is one princess that is too smart to spend her hard earned money on insanely expensive clothing. Labels and designers couldn’t possibly mean any less to her than they already do. Being a savvy, individually stylish shopper, Princess Pocahontas shops thrift, preferably Plato’s Closet. Although, Buffalo Exchange is a close second.

11. Princess Rapunzel

Forever 21
Princess Rapunzel, like many modern day women and drag queens, scores her threads at the fashion Garden of Eden known as Forever 21. With their reasonable prices she can frequently change her look - relaxed fits for her morning chores, preppy for games of hide-and-seek with Pascal, and all the dresses she could ever need for seeing the lights with her dreamy boyfriend.

12. Princess Snow White

American Apparel
For better or worse, Princess Snow White fits the American Apparel aesthetic ‘to a t’. Her innocent demeanor combined with her striking aesthetic are what the company’s (former) perverted CEO dreams of. As for the clothes, they suit her perfectly. Iconic beauties like her only need the basics to look drop dead gorgeous.

13. Princess Tiana

Nylon Shop
For the young woman that changed her world, and the world of Disney, there’s only one place to shop, and that’s Nylon. The approachable-high-fashion magazine’s online store bridges the common and high fashion world, which is just right for any woman that moved up in the world, but won’t forget where she came from.

* Princess Anna has not yet had her official Disney Princess coronation.
** Princess Elsa has not yet had her official Disney Princess coronation, and although she is a Queen, she is considered a Princess in the Disney franchise.

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