10 Struggles Of Being A Girl That Likes Football

Since college football is starting and the NFL season is right around corner, a few things need to be addressed.

1. When people think you’re only watching to look at the guys.

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Don’t get me wrong, a number of the players are attractive. But does attractiveness win championships? No.

2. When guys expect you to make or serve food during the game.

Jupiterimages / Via thinkstockphotos.com

3. Pink jerseys.

No. Just no.

5. When it’s assumed you only like a team because of your boyfriend/dad, etc.

Bravo / Via gifsec.com

We obviously can’t form our own opinions and have to rely on daddy to tell us what’s right. “Which color are rooting for again?”

6. Not being allowed to know more about football than the guys.

Read the last sentence. I think a similar quote was made circa 1920, when a man was asked about his view on voting rights for women.

7. The Fact That This Was Written In The 21st Century

AMC / Via giphy.com

Even Joan is laughing.

8. When we hear/see other women conforming to the stereotypes.

NBC / Via giphy.com

There are always those few.

9. When our passion isn’t taken seriously.

Will there ever come a day when women can be true football fans, actually enjoying the game, knowing facts, forming opinions, all without judgment or “rules”?

10. This.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

This is what happens when you search for images of women at American football games.

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