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    5 Crazy Theories For How "Breaking Bad" Will End

    Spoiler Alert!!! (Is it a spoiler if it’s speculation? Either way, read with extreme caution!)

    Breaking Bad season 5B premieres in three weeks, which means the internet is on a roll with finale predictions. Plenty have constructed humorously dramatic endings , but the conclusion of the Walter White saga is no laughing matter. In fact, people are starting to bet on how the series will resolve itself, so anyone who can correctly guess some or all of the fates of Walt, Jesse, Hank and co. is worthy of some serious praise.

    Below are five of the most interesting possibilities, with a 1 to 5 rating on plausibility (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest):

    Holly dies, and Walt wears a wire to help the DEA crack down on the meth industry

    Plausibility: 2

    Holly's death has been hinted at a few times ("I will kill your infant daughter", much?) and her or another White family member's death seems to be the only thing that could shake Walt up and make him switch sides (also, it would be a win-win for him and Hank.) This theory is backed up by the supposed spotting of a mic on Walter during the Denny's scene in season five. Vince Gilligan is also notoriously meticulous, so letting this faux pas go unnoticed is pretty unusual.

    However, it's a very, VERY subtle hint if one at all. More importantly, Walt helping the good guys and not going down in flames would be so unsatisfying as f the audience has been led to expect his spectacular downfall this whole time.

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    Jesse kills Walt…with a beanbag chair

    Plausibility: 3.5

    Remember when Walt is in a stalemate with Gus at the end of season four and spins a gun on a table that points to the Lily of the Valley plants in his backyard, which he then uses to poison Brock? (Watch the video above if you don't.) In season five, Walt throws a gun across the floor of Jesse's house and we see it stop and point at a beanbag chair. Vince Gilligan wouldn't just throw in an establishing shot like that for no reason, and the beanbag chair, while certainly an interesting way to kill someone, definitely falls into the same symbolic pattern as the Lily of the Valley scene.

    Whether or not Jesse will kill Walt with it is the question. A lot of fans believe one or the other will die, and we have yet to find out if Jesse will ever learn about some of Walt's secrets (like letting Jane OD and poisoning a child) and what he will do if he does.

    Either way, Jesse killing Walt has been foreshadowed quite a lot and is definitely a big possibility. The beanbag chair might be a little silly though, BUT WHO EVEN KNOWS WITH THIS SHOW.

    Walt dies of his cancer and leaves the money behind for his family – ALL ACCORDING TO PLAN

    Plausibility: 4

    What's incredible about this show is, even if everything actually does go as planned for Walter, we still end up with a dead protagonist who took over an entire drug empire. Not too shabby in terms of an emotional ending to a turbulent five seasons.

    In season five, we see Walt go through a check-up but we never hear the results. We also see him look at his reflection in the paper towel dispenser he beat up ages ago, perhaps symbolizing a reversal of his fate.

    Even more suspicious is him actually doing what Skyler wants and quitting the business. Why now? Why so easily? A valid reason: he knows he's dying, is keeping his diagnosis more under wraps this time around, and just wants to stay out of trouble now that he has all the money he wants. Whether his hubris could let him finally step down is the big question, but considering that his goal was always to provide for his family and he nearly quit the business when Skyler first learned the truth indicates that his family still holds a lot of sway.

    As far as Hank is concerned, he unknowingly accepted Walt's drug-trafficking money (which he thought was gambling money) to pay for his physical therapy, so if he tries to keep the Whites from keeping the money, he will likely go down with them.

    Of course, everything definitely won't fall as neatly into place as Walt morbidly hopes, and he might die in a completely different way, but it seems reasonable for the White family to get the money in the end without feeling like the show got wrapped up in a nice little bow. Walt Jr. might get his college tuition money, but he might also have to learn what his father did to get it. Or Walt might still lose his relationship with his family even though he succeeds in financially supporting it.

    Gus' allies seek revenge on Walt, forcing him to either run away or kill a lot more people than we expected

    Plausibility: 2.5

    Without a doubt, Gus was the closest to being an immovable object to Walt's unstoppable force. That's what made season four so exhilarating from beginning to end. So it would be a little strange for the ghosts of Gus' past to not play any role in Walt's fate when he was so difficult to annihilate.

    We know from the flashbacks that Gus held the highest rank in the Chilean military and that he not only has friends (like the doctor in Mexico), but he also had far-reaching connections in the meth business. Surely, someone is going to connect the dots and learn about Walter.

    Walter also very possibly used the "disappear" service Saul offered him at one point, as we see him with a fake id in the season five opener. Let's not forget that Walt also purchased an M60, which he has yet to use. And we all know Walt has no issue with killing someone if he has to. So he might be running way from someone, preparing to fight, or a combination of both -- fleeing the scene before or after a defensive murder.

    This theory is only a stretch because Gilligan has 8 episodes to tie a lot of loose ends and, ultimately, fans are looking for a Walt-Jesse-Hank showdown, so Gus' men or Declan's men or anyone other than Hank playing a central role in Walt's final demise just won't feel as right.

    Skyler will die, and Hank and Marie will raise Holly and possibly Walt Jr.

    Plausibility: 4

    In the season five premiere, we witness Walt glumly spell out "52" with his bacon. This was something Skyler would do out of tradition, even after they started having marital problems and Walt Jr. asked her to make a "51" on his father's plate. And the fact that the ricin has been brought up so many times and is now hidden in the house not only implies that someone will die from it, but that the victim might be Skyler herself (plus, it's impossible to imagine her and Walt actually continuing their lives together – her character could be more useful to the show's plot if she's the first ill-fated White family member to die.)

    Hank and Marie never had kids, but have proven to be good caretakers for Walt Jr. and Holly (okay, except that time that Hank had Walt Jr. talk to junkies in an attempt to scare him straight.) And Hank's career will never be the same – if he brings Walt to justice, people will suspect that he benefitted from the money, or at the very least, he'll be the subject of ridicule amongst his coworkers and, hell, even the national news. If he doesn't do anything, he won't feel the same about his title, and his position in the DEA won't hold the same level of honor to him as it once did.

    And that might be okay, if he gains something else – a child.

    Either way, something will definitely happen to Holly, as Dean Norris (who plays Hank) told NPR that "there is a even more chilling scene involving that baby later on this season."