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9 Ways Ed Miliband And Wallace From "Wallace And Gromit" Are Basically The Same Person

The similarities are uncanny.

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1. They both know how to rock a photo shoot with their laid-back but casual charm.

Harvey Nichols / Via
The Guardian / Via The Guardian

2. They both find themselves in weird photo opps in which they are never really quite sure EXACTLY what is going on.

3. They both have a habit of whipping the thumbs up at really awkward moments.

(Probably best not to during David Cameron’s speech, Ed).
Via PA

(Probably best not to during David Cameron’s speech, Ed).

4. They both find themselves in situations which are meant to be light-hearted and fun, but end up looking oddly macabre.

5. You’re not exactly sure how they both feel about their best friends. They pretend to be close - but often look more than slightly threatening towards them.

6. Neither of them have quite mastered The Awkward Wave.

7. You know that deep down they both see themselves as rock stars.

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8. This.

Via The Telegraph

9. Cracking!

Andrew Parsons
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