12 Amazing CD Upcycling Projects

Incredible uses for old CDs and DVDs that you can do yourself! Time to get those AOL trial discs out of storage.

1. CD/DVD Roofing


Roofing for sheds or dog houses made from upcycled CDs and DVDs. Simply drill a hole in each one, align, then nail to the roof.

2. Parabolic Solar Cooker


Parabolic solar cooker made from an old satellite dish and a several hundred scrap CDs. Great for weiner cookouts or beginning of plan for world domination.

3. CD/DVD Construction Kit


Construction kit using lucite hinges glued to old scrap CDs and DVDs.

4. CD Table Lamp


Table lamp made from upcycled CDs.

5. Organize Your Closet

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Easy closet dividers from old CDs.

6. Rotating Photography Rig


A rig for taking photos of small objects made from the spindle of an old CD-ROM drive and a pair of CDs or DVDs.

7. Driveway Reflectors


Nail them to posts and trees to mark obstacles.

8. CD & Balloon Hovercraft


Build your own hovercraft toy.

9. CD Christmas Tree Ornaments


Partially shred CDs and DVDs to make these Christmas ornaments to hang on your tree.

10. Foil Scratch Art


Coat with paint then use a sharp stylus to remove paint to show the shiny surface below.

11. CD Pendants


Pendants made from upcycled CDs.

12. A Top


And last but not least, the humble spinning top. Wheeeeeeee!

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