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    23 Times "Adventure Time" Fully Understood First World Problems

    Sometimes life is whack with poo-brain!

    1. When you're trying to sleep but your housemate is blasting music at 11 PM.

    2. Or you can't sleep because you keep hearing strange noises.

    3. And can't function during the day as a result.

    4. When it seems like people are going out of their way to make your life difficult.

    5. And even the people you care about are chipping in.

    6. When you're struggling to study something boring.

    7. And manage to get the easiest question on the test wrong.

    8. When your bae starts sending you mixed messages.

    9. And you wonder if they're playing games with you.

    10. When people you don't like try way too hard.

    11. But you kind of feel bad for them.

    12. They really know how to ham it up!

    13. And maybe they're just misunderstood.

    14. When you're at the club and people won't respect your personal boundaries.

    15. When you're sick and need people to take care of you.

    16. When your friend doesn't understand "say it, don't spray it."

    17. When you get deep and realize this simple truth.

    18. When you're getting close to 30 and each birthday becomes more and more painful.

    19. When your friend is trying way too hard to set you up with someone.

    20. When you're too lazy to make proper food for yourself.

    21. And you haven't eaten all day and then finally...

    22. But your friend steals some of your food without asking!

    23. And when you finally finish dinner, you're so full that it becomes yet another one of life's problems!